Water Bottle

The Original IonPod® Portable Alkalizing Water Bottle IonPod Alkalizing Water Bottle

  • Purge Your Body of Toxins & Acids Now!
  • Reusable Stainless Steel Construction!
  • It last for up to 1 yr!
  • You Drink Straight From It!
  • Take It With You On The Go!
  • Use It Daily & Watch Your Acid Levels Drop!
  • The IonPods proprietary mineral cartridge transforms ordinary water in minutes. Other water alkalizers cost up to $4000! Save $1000s and buy your IonPod® today!
    • Create Silky Smooth, Fresh Tasting Water In Minutes!
    • Increases Hydration!
    • Alkalizes pH By Up To 2000%!
    • Generates Antioxidant Water!
  • Alkalize & Energize Ordinary Water or Purified Water!

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